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Business Partner


Are you or your employees experiencing paranormal activity at your business location? Are you interested in being a stop on a Happenstance Haunts ghost tour? We would be honored to conduct a paranormal investigation of your location at no cost to you. Following a review of our evidence and research, we will determine whether your business meets the requirements to be a stop on our ghost tour. We are excited to build partnerships with local downtown Monroe businesses!



Investigation Experience

Whether you want to plan an unforgettable team building experience for your employees or make ghost hunting the hit of your party, we can design a paranormal investigation to meet your needs! Regardless of the vibe you are going for, our investigative team will conduct an honest, respectful, and thorough investigation of your property.




Are you experiencing paranormal activity in your home? We would be honored to conduct a paranormal investigation of your location at no cost to you. Upon completion of our investigation, we will review and share our findings and provide our recommendations to best support you.

During an investigation you will have the opportunity to use real paranormal investigation equipment to document evidence you find.

You will learn:

  • How to lead an Electronic Voice Phenomenon session

  • How to set up an investigation

  • How to interview witnesses

  • How to follow the scientific method to determine if experiences are paranormal

Our tool list includes but is not limited to: FLIR Thermal Cameras, Full Spectrum Hand Held Camera, Full Spectrum Light Bank, EMF Detectors, Laser Grid, Red Light Flashlights, Dowsing Rods and others. Investigations are approximately three hours.

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